Belkin BE112230-08 12-Outlet Surge Protector Review

belkin be112230-08
Belkin be112230-08 is a 12-outlet surge protector with sliding safety covers. It weighs just around two pounds. It is covered by a lifetime warranty and a lifetime insurance of $300,000 for the connected equipment. You can find this belkin be112230-08 12-outlet power surge protector for the best price on Amazon.

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Model Features & Details of the Belkin be112230-08 12-outlet surge protector

Belkin be112230-08 is a 12-outlet surge protector. This belkin surge protector can be used for laptops, desktops, routers and many other expensive electronic equipment. You cannot easily find this belkin 12-outlet surge protector in local retail stores. Amazon is one place where you can get belkin be112230-08 surge protector and that too for a cheaper price. Amazon also ships them faster than you expect. Infact, Belkin be112230-08 is said to be the cheapest 12-outlet surge protector. Belkin be112230-08 is a highly recommended 12-outlet surge protector. It looks very flat, compact & sleek. It easily fits into small places and is quite easy to maneuver with. It does not have an ON/OFF power switch like the ones you see in surge protectors such as the Tripp lite surge protector. This poses a disadvantage as you have to unplug the surge protector if you want to switch it off. This is certainly undesirable.

Belkin be112230-08 does not make things look too cluttered as well. Belkin be112230-08 is covered by a generous lifetime warranty from Belkin. Not just that, there is a $300,000 insurance for the connected equipment. This belkin surge protector can work perfectly in offices to protect a bunch of desktop workstations, network routers, switches from damage due to power surges. It can even be used to protect telephone and ethernet lines. There are a few who expect it to have USB ports as well. But, it doesn’t.


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Belkin be112230-08 works well for television and other related devices as well. With 12 outlets, you have sufficient room for connecting a good number of gadgets. Because of its cheaper price, you can even get more than one belkin be112230-08 surge protector, if you have a lot of devices to connect.

There are many items advertised as surge protectors but merely work as extension boxes. But, the belkin be112230-08 surge protector definitely protects against power surges if you go by the various customer reviews on Amazon. Its outlets support different device types as well. The plugs also fit in quite firmly into the outlets. The outlets can accommodate large AC adapter plugs as well. Actually, there is one full side dedicated to such large plugs. It is so well designed that the larger plugs don’t block other other outlets. Belkin be112230-08 is definitely a quality surge protector.

The power cord of the belkin be112230-08 12-outlet surge protector is around eight feet in length. It can be wall mounted. It is portable as well. The outlets are provided with sliding safety covers. It also has a clip for managing the cables. The clip can be detached. This clip would be very helpful in better organization of the cords surrounding the Belkin be112230-08 surge protector.

Belkin is a selling brand name in this industry. It is trustworthy.

The Belkin be112230-08 12-outlet surge protector weighs just a little more than 2 lbs. It is about 6 inches in width, 15 inches long and around 2 inches in height. Belkin be112230-08 features advanced circuitry & high quality construction.

Belkin be112230-08 has a Joule rating of 3800J. It can reduce noise up to 75 decibels. It can protect even coaxial lines. It has a right angled wall plug.

The wide spacings between the outlets help in accommodating many different sized and shaped plugs. It is so compactly designed that you can easily hide the belkin 12-outlet surge protector along with all the plugs behind or under your desk. The cord management clip helps a lot in this aspect. Belkin be112230-08 is widely used for computers. You can plug in cell phone chargers, transformers, home theatre systems as well into the outlets of the belkin be112230-08 12-outlet surge protector.

Where to buy this Belkin be112230-08 surge protector?

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