PAC SNI-35 Line Out Converter

pac sni-35 line out converter
The pac sni-35 is an adjustable line out converter with 2 channels that can be used for factory radios, car stereos etc. It is portable. It weighs less than a pound. You can get this pac sni-35 adjustable line output converter for the best price on Amazon with free shipping. This pac line out converter has around 6 positive reviews on Amazon, all saying only good things about it. It works as advertised.

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Model Features & Details of the pac sni-35 adjustable line output converter

The pac sni-35 line out converter is an adjustable 2 channel line output converter. This pac model sni-35 line out converter can even be used for car stereos, woofers, amplifiers etc apart from the factory radios. You simply need to connect the wires of the device to this pac sni-35 line out converter. You are good to go. No grounding is required. Since it is not very heavy, it can be carried around easily. It is a portable line output converter.

The pac sni-35 line output converter can be a very good replacement for people struggling with alternators. Pac sni-35 can eliminate all those unbearable noises that you might have had to listen to when you were using alternators. It helps stereos produce great sounds. Sub-woofers work like a charm with this line out converter.

The pac sni-35 line out converter can be used for most factory made radios with 2 to 40 watts per channel. It can produce 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz 0.5dB linear output depending on the input. Below 20 Hz, it rolls off for subsonic reduction. It helps optimize the sound produced from your speakers with its segregated audio transformers. Proper phasing is maintained throughout by this line output converter. This is the reason why it does not produce a lot of noise as opposed to the noisy alternators. Pac sni-35 consists of 2 channels both of which are adjustable.


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Let me do a quick rundown of how to make the connections between the speaker wires and the pac sni-35 2 channel adjustable line out converter. The gray (positive) and the gray/black striped wires (negative) of pac sni-35 must be connected to the right speaker output. The white (positive) and the white/black striped wires of pac sni-35 must be connected to the left speaker output. Suppose there is only one negative lead in the speaker outputs of your radio or stereo, then you can connect both the negative wires of pac sni-35 line output converter to that one negative lead of your speaker outputs. If you do not get any sound from the amplifier, then you can try grounding the brown wires. Otherwise, grounding is not required. To adjust the volume, set the volume of the radio to about 2/3 full and adjust the pots of pac sni-35 in the clockwise direction to increase the volume.

You do not have to worry about any noises with this Pac sni-35 line out converter. There will also be very minimal or no electrical interference with this Pac sni-35 line output converter. If you want a clean signal for your radios, then it is highly recommended that you get this adjustable line out converter. I have seen many of my friends and colleagues use Pac sni-35 for car stereos. Since, it is adjustable, you can easily tune your stereo as you desire with this line out converter.

The pac sni-35 line out converter is really a very useful product as it supports a wide range of devices. Pac sni-35 is a very durable and reliable line output converter. You can use it for many years. There is no questioning its reliability. More often than not, it works. PAC is a very trustworthy brand in the industry of electronic products. Pac sni-35 is mostly used for audio speakers & radios. It requires just four simple wire connections as described above for your stereo/radio to work.

Since, the Pac sni-35 line out converter is extremely cheap, you don’t have to think twice to get one. You can buy them in bulk if you have multiple devices for which you can use this 2 channel line output converter. It works with all factory-made radios. All without any cumbersome grounding work required.

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