Tripp Lite Surge Protector – tlp808

tripp lite surge protector
Tripp lite tlp808 is an 8-outlet surge protector with sliding safety covers for the outlets. It is a portable AC surge protector. It is covered by a lifetime warranty and a lifetime insurance of $75000. You can get this tripp lite surge protector for the best price on Amazon.

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Model Features & Details of the Tripp lite 8-outlet surge protector tlp808

The tripp lite surge protector tlp808 offers comprehensive surge protection for your electronic equipment mainly your laptops and desktop PCs as they are more prone to burn out due to surges. It also protects telecom systems and other electronic equipment that are extremely sensitive to current surges. The tripp lite tlp808 is an 8-outlet surge protector that can suppress heavy grade AC current surges. Such heavy grade AC surges can heavily damage your laptops and other sensitive gadgets. If not complete damage, they can lead to troublesome issues related to the performance of your electronic gadgets.

The tripp lite surge protector tlp808 is warranted for life to be free from defects and has a lifetime insurance of $75,000. This lifetime insurance applies only to USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. Home PCs and other computer devices require protection from AC surges and this tripp lite surge protector is very important to protect your computer devices.

The tripp lite surge protector consists of 8 outlets in total. There are 5 outlets on one side of the surge protector and 3 outlets on the other side. The 3 outlets have wide spacings to accommodate transformers. The other 5 outlets on the other side have regular spacings. You can connect 3 transformers on this side as well, but two outlets would get blocked. You can connect six transformers in total. All the 8 outlets of this tripp lite surge protector have safety covers that can be easily slid. These safety covers can be useful in preventing small children from meddling with the outlets.


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The power cord of this tripp lite surge protector is around 8 feet (around 2.4 meters) in length. The plug is a right angled one.

The tripp lite surge protector tlp808 consists of four keyhole mounting slots to be able to conveniently mount the surge protector on walls. The four mounting slots are located on the rear side of the tripp lite surge protector. There are 2 LEDs – one shows red light to indicate the grounded status and the other shows green light to indicate surge protection status.

The Joule rating of AC suppression offered by this tripp lite surge protector is 1440 Joules. There are 2 surge protection modes in this tripp lite surge protector. One is the normal mode and the other is the common mode. Tripp lite tlp808 is compatible with AC voltage of 120V. The response time for AC suppression by tripp lite tlp808 is less than one nanosecond. The clamping voltage of tlp808 is 150V.

The tripp lite surge protector cannot be used to suppress AC surges in datalines like telephone/DSL, coaxial cables, ethernet lines.

The tripp lite surge protector tlp808 is made of plastic. It weighs around 2 pounds so you can carry it around easily. It is about 5 inches in height, 9 inches in width and 1.5 inches in depth. It has received various certifications for AC surge protection like the UL 1449 3rd edition, UL 1363, cUL/CSA etc.

Another great feature about this surge protector is its extremely low price. You can buy more than one of it. And with its lifetime warranty and insurance, there is no real loss for you. If you have costly electronic equipment in your house that can be protected by this tripp lite surge protector, then there is no reason why you should not get one of these, mainly for its cheap price.

The tripp lite tlp808 is a very well designed surge protector that can be wall mounted. The well thought out spacings between the outlets allows you to plug in large AC adapters. It is also very light weight and you can put it in bags or suitcases and take it along with you whenever you travel. It can be very useful in protecting your laptop if you use it in hotel rooms.

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